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The B-type response regulator GmRR11d mediates systemic inhibition of symbiotic nodulation
来源: 时间:2022-12-14

Jiahuan Chen, Zhijuan Wang, Lixiang Wang, Yangyang Hu, Qiqi Yan, Jingjing Lu, Ziyin Ren, Yujie Hong, Hongtao Ji, Hui Wang, Xinying Wu, Yanru Lin, Chao Su, Thomas Ott, Xia Li

Nature Communications,volume13, Article number: 7661(2022), Published: 10 December 2022


Key to the success of legumes is the ability to form and maintain optimal symbiotic nodules that enable them to balance the trade-off between symbiosis and plant growth. Cytokinin is essential for homeostatic regulation of nodulation, but the mechanism remains incompletely understood. Here, we show that a B-type response regulator GmRR11d mediates systemic inhibition of nodulation. GmRR11d is induced by rhizobia and low level cytokinin, and GmRR11d can suppress the transcriptional activity of GmNSP1 on GmNIN1a to inhibit soybean nodulation. GmRR11d positively regulates cytokinin response and its binding on the GmNIN1a promoter is enhanced by cytokinin. Intriguingly, rhizobial induction of GmRR11d and its function are dependent upon GmNARK that is a CLV1-like receptor kinase and inhibits nodule number in shoots. Thus, GmRR11d governs a transcriptional program associated with nodulation attenuation and cytokinin response activation essential for systemic regulation of nodulation.