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A nitrogen fixing symbiosis-specific pathway required for legume flowering
来源: 时间:2023-01-19

Jinxia Yun, Can Wang, Fengrong Zhang, Li Chen, Zhengxi Sun, Yupeng Cai,Yuanqing Luo, Junwen Liao, Yongliang Wang, Yanyan Cha, Xuehai Zhang, Ya Ren, Jun Wu,Paul M.Hasegawa, Changfu Tian, Huanan Su, Brett J. Ferguson, Peter M.Gresshoff, Wensheng Hou,Tianfu Han, Xia Li

Science Advances, 9, eade1150 (2023), 13 January 2023


Symbiotic nitrogen fixation boosts legume growth and production in nitrogen-poor soils. It has long been assumed that fixed nitrogen increases reproductive success, but until now, the regulatory mechanism was unknown. Here, we report a symbiotic flowering pathway that couples symbiotic and nutrient signals to the flowering induction pathway in legumes. We show that the symbiotic microRNA–microRNA172c (miR172c) and fixed nitrogen systemically and synergistically convey symbiotic and nutritional cues from roots to leaves to promote soybean (Glycine max) flowering. The combinations of symbiotic miR172c and local miR172c elicited by fixed nitrogen and development in leaves activate florigen-encoding FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) homologs (GmFT2a/5a) by repressing TARGET OF EAT1-like 4a (GmTOE4a). Thus, FTs trigger reproductive development, which allows legumes to survive and reproduce under low-nitrogen conditions.