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Comparative transcriptome profiling reveals the multiple levels of crosstalk in phytohormone networks in Brassica napus
来源: 时间:2023-05-15

Dongxu Liu,Guanbo Yan,Shengbo Wang,Liangqian Yu,Wei Lin,Shaoping Lu,Liang Guo,Qing-Yong Yang,Cheng Dai

Plant Biotechnology Journal,First published:08 May 2023,https://doi.org/10.1111/pbi.14063


Plant hormones are the intrinsic factors that control plant development. The integration of different phytohormone pathways in a complex network of synergistic, antagonistic and additive interactions has been elucidated in model plants. However, the systemic level of transcriptional responses to hormone crosstalk in Brassica napus is largely unknown. Here, we present an in-depth temporal-resolution study of the transcriptomes of the seven hormones in B. napus seedlings. Differentially expressed gene analysis revealed few common target genes that co-regulated (up- and down-regulated) by seven hormones; instead, different hormones appear to regulate distinct members of protein families. We then constructed the regulatory networks between the seven hormones side by side, which allowed us to identify key genes and transcription factors that regulate the hormone crosstalk in B. napus. Using this dataset, we uncovered a novel crosstalk between gibberellin and cytokinin in which cytokinin homeostasis was mediated by RGA-related CKXs expression. Moreover, the modulation of gibberellin metabolism by the identified key transcription factors was confirmed in B. napus. Furthermore, all data were available online from http://yanglab.hzau.edu.cn/BnTIR/hormone. Our study reveals an integrated hormone crosstalk network in Brassica napus, which also provides a versatile resource for future hormone studies in plant species.