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【New Phytologist】The GW5-WRKY53-SGW5 module regulates grain size variation in rice
来源: 时间:2024-03-27

Waseem Abbas, Abdullah Shalmani, Jian Zhang, Qi Sun, Chunyu Zhang, Wei Li, Yana Cui, Meng Xiong, Yibo Li

New Phytologist, First published:22 March 2024, https://doi.org/10.1111/nph.19704


Grain size is a crucial agronomic trait that affects stable yield, appearance, milling quality, and domestication in rice. However, the molecular and genetic relationships among QTL genes (QTGs) underlying natural variation for grain size remain elusive.

Here, we identified a novel QTGSGW5(suppressor of gw5) by map-based cloning using an F2segregation population by fixing same genotype of the master QTGGW5.SGW5positively regulates grain width by influencing cell division and cell size in spikelet hulls. Two nearly isogenic lines exhibited a significant differential expression ofSGW5and a 12.2% increase in grain yield. Introducing the higher expression allele into the genetic background containing the lower expression allele resulted in increased grain width, while its knockout resulted in shorter grain hulls and dwarf plants.

Moreover, acis-element variation in theSGW5promoter influenced its differential binding affinity for the WRKY53 transcription factor, causing the differentialSGW5expression, which ultimately leads to grain size variation. GW5 physically and genetically interacts with WRKY53 to suppress the expression ofSGW5.

These findings elucidated a new pathway for grain size regulation by the GW5-WRKY53-SGW5module and provided a novel case for generally uncovering QTG interactions underlying the genetic diversity of an important trait in crops.