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【The Plant Journal】The additive function of YIGE2 and YIGE1 in regulating maize ear length
来源: 时间:2024-05-29

Yu Liu, Huinan Li, Jie Liu, Yuebin Wang, Chenglin Jiang, Ziqi Zhou, Lin Zhuo, Wenqiang Li, Alisdair R. Fernie, David Jackson, Jianbing Yan, Yun Luo

The Plant JournalFirst published:28 May 2024, https://doi.org/10.1111/tpj.16851


Ear length (EL) is a key trait that greatly contributes to yield in maize. Although dozens of EL quantitative trait loci have been mapped, very few causal genes have been cloned, and the molecular mechanisms remain largely unknown. Our previous study showed that YIGE1 is involved in sugar and auxin pathways to regulate ear inflorescence meristem (IM) development and thus affects EL in maize. Here, we reveal that YIGE2, the paralog of YIGE1, regulates maize ear development and EL through auxin pathway. Knockout of YIGE2 causes a significant decrease of auxin level, IM length, floret number, EL, and grain yield. yige1 yige2 double mutants had even shorter IM and ears implying that these two genes redundantly regulate IM development and EL. The genes controlling auxin levels are differential expressed in yige1 yige2 double mutants, leading to lower auxin level. These results elucidated the critical role of YIGE2 and the redundancy between YIGE2 and YIGE1 in maize ear development, providing a new genetic resource for maize yield improvement.