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【iMeta】Robust CRISPR/Mb2Cas12a genome editing tools in cotton plants
来源: 时间:2024-06-11

Fengjiao Hui, Xu Tang, Bo Li, Muna Alariqi, Zhongping Xu, Qingying Meng, Yongxue Hu, Guanying Wang, Yong Zhang, Xianlong Zhang, Shuangxia Jin

iMetaFirst published:04 June 2024, https://doi.org/10.1002/imt2.209

Graphical Abstract

The efficiency and accuracy of the CRISPR/Mb2Cas12a system were demonstrated in cotton, achieving an efficiency of over 90% at target sites. Notably, Mb2Cas12a exhibited significant tolerance under different temperatures ranging from 22°C to 32°C. Additionally, the Mb2Cas12a system revealed effective editing at more relaxed VTTV PAM sites in the cotton genome, which expanded the genome editing range by approximately 2.6-fold than the wide-type LbCas12a. Finally, a multiplex genome editing system was also developed based on Mb2Cas12a, enabling simultaneous editing of eight target sites using a single crRNA cassette.

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