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(一) 工作人员日常行为准则
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l 室容室貌管理要求Management requirement of cleaning

1. 靠走廊的玻璃墙面的设备、物品,顶端不得高于玻璃下沿;

Equipments and articles inside the glass wall near the hallway should be lower than the bottom of the glass.

2. 所有仪器设备、物品,不得遮挡住玻璃窗;

All the equipment and articles should be lower than the glass window.

3. 百叶窗必须扯到顶或放到底,用调节棒调节光线,否则实验室将安排拆除;

The shutters must be all up or down, use the regulation rod to control the light intensity or the shutters will be removed.

4. 实验室内任何地方不得堆放纸盒等杂物;

No sundries like cartons piling up inside the laboratory.

5. 学生不得将实验室当学习室,应到指定的地点学习;

Students should study in the designated place not in the lab.

6. 凡不是实验室定制的实验台和家具,都应搬出实验大楼;

Experiment tables and furniture which are not customized by the lab should be move out of the building.

7. 在办公室、学习室可适当放点花钵,但不赞成在实验室放花钵;

Flowerpot can be put in the office and studying room but better not in the laboratory.


No sundries piling up in the hallway. Keep the hallway clean and unblocked. No skidding when move things to protect the floor. Keep the floor and wall clean, if smear the floor or the wall; you should clean it in time.


The lab should be on whole sealing, windows can only be opened to change for air in 7:00-8:30 am. The one who opens the window is responsible for closing the window. Windows on each end of the hallway can only be opened and closed by appointed person.

l 进出大楼要求Management requirement of going in and out of the building


It is required to park your bicycle, electric motor bike or car in front of the building.


All staff should apply the card every time going in and out the building.


Change your shoes before entering and put your shoes in your cabinet.

4实验室钥匙不得自行复制,门卡、钥匙的持有者应对实验室的安全负责 ,不借给他人;

The lab key is not allowed to be copied privately. The owner of the card and the lab key is responsible for the security of the lab. Don’t lend the card and the lab key to others.


If outsiders need to find someone, the guard shall inform the wanted person to meet in the lobby; visitors can go upstairs after being registered by the reception person and reception person will be responsible of sending the outsiders out of the building.





  The guard shall have the right to stop the following persons to enter:

(1)   Disheveled

(2)   Having no legitimate reasons

(3)   Children


If you want to carry something (instrument, equipment and other things that belong to the lab) out of the building, you must tell the guard about the name and the number and where the articles will be taken to.


Save energy. Before leaving, close the tap, the light, the air conditioner and instruments that are not on working. Always remember to lock the door.

l 工作期间行为规范Behavior during work


Don’t bring children and pets in the laboratory.


Keep public places clean. Don’t throw rubbish and waste liquid. Flush the toilet after use. Don’t smear on the wall or other public places.


Smoking is not allowed. Don’t eat or speak too loud.


Don’t use the lab computer to do things like watching movies, chatting and playing games that are not related to study.


Don’t stay up late at night in the lab unless there are experiments to do. If you need to do experiment after 11:00pm or before 6:00am, you should apply to the management office.


Don’t wear experimental clothes in studying room. It should be hanged in order in the lab.


Don’t use high-power electric appliance such as electric kettle and warming appliance.


The garbage should be thrown into dustbin. Throw the garbage bag to pointed place in time especially when it is full and give unpleasant smell. Don’t throw garbage into the water channel. Don’t drop the tea leaves in the water channel in order to avoid blocking.


Don’t use insecticide or other volatilizable medicine.


Electricity use: When no one is doing experiments or there is enough sunlight, please turn off the light.


Toxic reagents should be treated as required: toxic and volatilizable reagents like xylene and chloroform should be used in fuming cupboard. The waste liquid of toxic reagent should be recycled and then send to National resources environmental protection department to be processed. Don’t pour toxic reagent to the water channel.

l 仪器设备设施使用规范The instructions of using equipment


There are two levels of management, the laboratory and the team. The responsibility of each room and equipment must be given to appointed person. All lab activities should follow the management rules of the room.  


Without permission, no one can change the power supply.


If it is not for open projects or after platform sharing register, the platform of our lab should not be used by outsiders. The equipment in each lab can be shared only when the lab managers agree.


Make an appointment before use. All the equipments must have a direction and users should follow the direction while using.


Register before and after using equipments. You should write down if the equipment work well or not and when you start and finish using it. If you are found to have used without register, you will lose the right of using it.


Check whether the equipment is clean and work well, if find any problems, please inform the person in charge and related manager.


New students should learn to use those equipments in the first three months. Only when you are familiar of using it, you can use it by yourself.